Diane Waldschmidt
Principal Consulting Chemist

Professional Experience:
Ms. Waldschmidt has over 28 years of field and analytical quality assurance experience, and is responsible for the management of Environmental Data Services’ projects and staff. Ms. Waldschmidt is knowledgeable in organic and inorganic analytical methodologies, and data validation (including high resolution mass spectrometry and radiological analyses). She has validated and/or overseen validation of data analyzed according to USEPA SW-846 (RCRA), and USEPA Contract Laboratory Program (CERCLA) requirements as well as remediation support analyses inclusive of specialty analyses, such as air monitoring and radiological data collection used in sediment core dating.

Ms. Waldschmidt also has extensive experience in performing various types of audits including audits of commercial environmental laboratories; internal industrial laboratories; and field sampling activities. Ms. Waldschmidt is also knowledgeable and experienced in the preparation of analytical standard operating procedures, field sample collection standard operating procedures, Quality Assurance Project Plans, and Performance Evaluation (PE) Studies.

Ms Waldschmidt holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.