Environmental Data Services is prepared to provide expert oversight of your analytical data collection process from project conception and design, through final data interpretation and usability assessment.

Analytical Program Design
Analytical laboratory programs designed by experienced environmental laboratory professionals will allow you to access the most cost effective, technologically advanced, quality analytical product currently available. You specify project quality and data usability goals, and we will provide an analytical approach to effectively achieve those goals. Because we are an independent organization you can be certain that the programs are designed with your project needs as our only objective.

Quality Assurance Project Plans
Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) are extremely important. The QAPP documents in detail how a project will be carried out how the resulting analytical data will be judged. Often this document is reviewed by one or more regulating agencies prior to final approval. This all-important planning process is extremely time consuming. A well-written QAPP, that is constructed with your project needs in mind can make a significant difference in how regulators view your management of the project, how smoothly the project directives are carried out, and in many cases to what extent those extremely expensive analytical data points may be used.

Laboratory Qualification/Contracting
Environmental Data Services, Ltd. Professionals work to indentify qualified candidate laboratories to match our client’s program needs, performs laboratory audits, and administrates performance evaluation studies to document laboratory proficiency. Environmental Data Services, Ltd. can also provide through technical requests for laboratory proposals to match program needs and ensure the required level of data quality is met. Our staff evaluates and reviews laboratory proposals for technical compliance to assist in the ultimate selection of a qualified laboratory.

Laboratory Auditing
Environmental Data Services, Ltd. will perform comprehensive laboratory audits. Audits can be used to prequalify contract laboratories or to evaluate capabilities of existing contractors. An experienced laboratory professional will perform the on-site evaluations. The following list outlines just some of the criteria evaluated:
-Laboratory facilities and equipment
-Systems and procedures of operation
-Qualifications and experience of laboratory personnel
-Laboratory capacity
-Types of analyses performed
-Relative cost of services
Laboratory audits are customized to focus on your specific project needs. A detailed report outlining facility capabilities as well as the author’s observations will be furnished defining each category including topics of special interest.

Laboratory Performance Monitoring
Some clients have a need to evaluate laboratory performance prior to initial use, while other are monitored on an ongoing basis. Environmental Data Services, Ltd. staff will submit performance evaluation (PE) samples to contract laboratories and request specific analyses and reporting to be provided. The chemical components and concentration values of the PE samples are known only to Environmental Data Services, Ltd. Once the results are received from the laboratory Environmental Data Services, Ltd. will provide a thorough report detailing the findings of the study. Careful evaluation of the laboratories success in determining both qualitative and quantitative analyte concentrations will be provided in a report format.

Knowing the accuracy with which your samples are defined on an ongoing basis can help you feel confident when relying on data points generated to make crucial decisions or prove regulatory compliance.

Validation of Analytical Data
The primary objective of any data validation project we undertake is to provide assurance that the environmental data generated in support of your project are acceptable for their intended use. We accomplish this task by systematically reviewing the analytical data provided and comparing it with criteria established in the USEPA Functional Guidelines for Evaluating Inorganic/Organic Analyses (or alternative guidance applicable to a particular site or program), as well as placing specific emphasis on project defined data quality objectives.

Highlights of the EDS validation process:

-Document control system used to log and store laboratory data
-Data completeness is evaluated
-Necessary data supplements or corrections are acquired from the laboratory
-Appropriate criteria and guidelines are applied to data
-Overall data assessment is summarized

The detail and relative complexity of our data validation reports are defined based on your projects needs. Validation deliverable options include data in electronic database formats. When a critical set of data requires evaluation, it is imperative that the data is interpreted and that the usability is determined by a highly qualified individual who is free of bias.